Q1. What is the purpose of 5G Industry Alliance of GBA?

The Alliance aims to be a supporter of Hong Kong's 5G development and smart city construction, and also to build a more comprehensive 5G+ industry chain. We hope to build an resource sharing platform for the industry chain and cooperate with the government to promote the development of smart cities, in order to promote the development and implementation of 5G industry and ecosystem in GBA.

Q2. What does 5G Alliance do?

We focus on providing the latest information to our members and accelerating the development of 5G technology and cross industry cooperation through regular meetings, semiers, site visiting, etc. We also carry out pilot tests to encourage new possibility of 5G technology.

Q3. How can I become a member of the alliance?

You can email us for Online Application.

Q4. How can I contact 5G Alliance?

Our contact details:

Phone: + (852) 3974 3373
Email:[email protected]